Introduction to Degen Dashboard

  • Provide the most comprehensive listing of node projects available
  • Show detailed project information with chain, current price & history, node purchase price, rate of return, safety (KYC/Audit), and tax information in one easy to read card.
  • Allow sorting of projects by chain and other parameters
  • Dig deeper into the different node options as each project often has higher priced nodes with higher returns (and often higher taxes). Dig in to find the node that matches the sweet spot for your own personal investment strategy.
  • Provide a simple, free set of calculators for doing node research and to show node growth over time.
  • Calculate options for claiming (taking profits) vs compounding (reinvesting profits to increase the rate of return) over different time periods.
  • Keep this simple so it is easy to use!
Node Project Card
Thor project has 4 node types with different rewards and taxes
Filter by platform, cost in USD, or trust level




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Degen Dashboard

Degen Dashboard

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